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Will hemp smokes get me high?

Hey, people who Chief! 🍃 On this blog, we’ll talk to y’all about something you’ve been asking a lot on our social media platforms. Will Chief Stix/CBD appear on a drug test?

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Suver Haze: Why such an awesome hemp strain?

Hey, people who Chief! How are y’all doing? 🤙🏽On this first blog, we’ll talk about Suver Haze, the hemp flower strain used on our smokes. Spoiler: it’s fantastic.  Suver Haze is a strain that offers high levels of CBD and amazing flavor. With high caliber genetics, it provides you with

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Has Chief Stix helped you in any way?

Everyone deserves a better quality of life, and that’s what we aim for. Share your Chief Stix story with us, get featured on our testimonials page and on top of that, get an exclusive 10% off discount!