Meet The People Who Chief!

Every time we get testimonials like these ones is like a statement that we’re doing the right thing! So even tho we can’t stop people from smoking, providing them with a better alternative is what drives us. Everyone deserves a better quality of life, and that’s what we aim for.

If Chief Stix helped you somehow, please share your story with us. Feel free to email us at with your testimonial and a picture. We will love to feature you on the Chief Stix testimonials mural!

Chief Stix is a hemp product. Chief Stix product contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.30 percent on a dry-weight basis. Chief Stix does not claim or assert that its product(s) have any medical benefits. The statements on our website and/or products have not been evaluated by any federal, state or local government agency including, but not limited to, the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the United States Food and Drug Administration.